Public Relations

Helping raise public awareness and understanding of Rotary is the responsibility of all Rotaraians, Rotaractors and Rotary program participants. Why? We as individuals are the most powerful form of communication! Word of mouth is a big part of how we recruit new members and we should not forget that. We need to be ambassadors for our clubs, our district and the Rotary family as a whole. If we can show everyday that Rotary gives us the opportunity to help others, learn new skills and make new friends, we will be well on our way to increasing our brand recognition and recruitment success. District Public Relations Committee The Rotary District 9630 Public Relations Committee is here to provide guidance on public relations activities to support your club activities and events. A number of useful materials have been produced for your use - see the list below. The objectives of the committee are: Rotary awareness - promoting the image of Rotary to the general public and Rotarians alike, and sharing the message and the personality of our District. Public Relations skills share - facilitating and providing professional advice, assistance and training with various aspects of the 'Useful PR Tools' portfolio Web portal - developing our website to be externally user friendly with a public focus. We endeavour to treat this as a tool for resources for our Clubs; show Rotary as a transparent community service organisation; and to modernise both the site and the public face of Rotary International Communication channels - sharing the Rotary message with as many people as possible through various methods of communication – encompassing traditional (such as newspapers) and social media (i.e. Facebook) tactics Awards - recognising 'Public Relations Excellence' in our District. We encourage the development of relationships within our communities (this may include working with local businesses or other community service groups) to develop a better public awareness. We also encourage the various Rotary portfolios to be showcased publicly… not just Rotary Clubs. To be eligible, please send your ‘public relations’ experiences to the Committee periodically (eg. each month). Public Relations continuity planning - ensuring we are constantly building up our knowledge base and ensuring that knowledge flows on from year to year. Useful PR Tools Please click on the tools below to download: 1. Media Release Example 2. Rotary Acronyms 3. Permisson Slip for Photographs  4. Give an Effective PowerPoint Presentation 5. Do you really need PowerPoint Presentation?   6. Public Relations Manual   7. How Rotary is Structured  8. Brochures: Rotary Youth Programs,  RYDA Schools ProgramRAWCS, DIK, Bowel ScanRotary District 9630, Rotaract District 9630 9. Auditing Your Club's Online Public Image   Useful Links   Rotary International My Rotary My Rotary - Public Relations RI - Media & News Brand Centre - Logos, Emblem, Images, etc. (My Rotary login required) Rotary Down Under Magazine         RDU Shop CONTACT Patrice Robinson