Membership Development, Retention & Extension Committee The Membership Committee is there to help & support clubs. There are several areas of focus including: Membership Growth and Retention A committment to assist our clubs with membership recruitment and retention Assisting clubs with program Implementation Useful Membership Tools District 9630 offers a variety of resources to help you get the most from your membership. This is a secure, accessible location for 9630 Rotarians and club leaders to conduct Rotary business and access information. Club members can use the following information and materials to develop and sustain membership by just clicking a title to download. Recruitment Successful Member Interest Meetings: an overview Interest meetings: Public letter hand-out sample IInterest meetings: Prospects Name List How to propose a new member Suggested contents for a promotional folder Letter to prospective Members - sample Sample induction ceremony Letter of welcome to newly inducted member Attracting Young Rotarians Working with Gen X & Gen Y Volunteers Club within a club Mentoring program New Member Orientation guide Satellite Clubs Establsihing a Satellite Club Planning Worksheet for a new Satellite Club RI Satellite Club FAQ RI Satellite Club Member Information RI Satellite Club Application Form Satellite Club Charter Member List Pilot Programs Associate member Corporate membership Implementation Plan Retention Membership - the 3Rs Membership Growth & Retention support for clubs 100 Ways to celebrate Family of Rotary Great ideas for clubs Membership retention ideas - closing the back door Resigning Member Questionnaire Club Assessment Tools Club Health check Sample Member survey Rotary Club Membership Health CONTACT Tim Keeler -